Some tips to starting up your own Business?

Some tips to starting up your own Business?

Are you thinking about starting a new business? Are you thinking about going into the textile business? Are you unsure where to purchase goods from? Well then, today let us look at a ruling company in the textile industry of Surat, a company that has made headlines for being innovative, consumer friendly and always helping young entrepreneurs or anyone with a passion to do something different start their own business.

Ajmera Fashion is the leading Manufacturer and Wholesaler in Surat and also offers a Franchise option in other cities. Their quality is beyond anything anyone offers in the market at an affordable price as they manufacture themselves, thus there is a greater profit margin on all the products for anyone buying from Ajmera Fashion. This is a company that will hold your hand from the very beginning of when you have a vague idea to setting up your complete business with advice and consulting all the way through with no extra charges for the same. This is a company that wants to make a change, a change for a better, more self-reliant and stronger India.


Ajmera Fashionhave set up their own helpline and order placement portal which deals with customer all over the country, with multilingual tele-callers and executives to guide new clients on how to set up their business, to explain how the textile industry works and how to set their margins to ensure maximum profitability for themselves.

Ajmera Fashion has a strong online presence with their popular YouTube Channel which currently has 154K Subscribers and over 2,00,00,000 views from the multiple videos that have been posted. They have videos in multiple languages as well; Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi and Gujarati to cater to the diverse diaspora of the country.

The channel includes business start-up videos to help people who want to start a business or want to move from employment to self-employment, other videos include factory visits of how sarees are made and the printing process. The main target audience are the Indian housewives who Mr. Ajmera believes are the strongest untapped growth sector in the country.


The company was founded by Mr. Ajay Ajmera who had set foot in the golden city of Surat with the thought of making his way to the land of dreams Mumbai (Bombay in 1992) and making a name in Bollywood, little did he know that he was about to make waves of gargantuan proportions in a very different industry. In a twist of fate Mr. Ajmera landed up in Surat and started working as an Agent in the Textile Industry in Surat about 25 years ago following which began a small traditional Marwari company.


What started out as a small traditional family business is now a mega establishment, Ajmera Fashion run by Ajay Ajmera, his family members, core management team and his extended family as Mr. Ajmera likes to call, of over 300 employees.

Today let us have a word with Mr. Ajmera and ask him a few questions the general public and aspiring entrepreneurs wanted to ask: -


How do I start a saree business with a small start-up capital?


I have been connected with thousands of small and big businessmen today and have been helping them grow. Often people come to me and question this.

I honestly believe that every business starts small and then it can be taken further to the height withhard work. For example, if you have to scale a mountain, then first you have to take your first step at the bottom with the path getting steeper, however slowly but steadily you will reach your destinationtaking one step at a time. If you commence any work today, it will startsmall but after few days the same small initiative will begin to grow, the need is just to work with passion and dedication a drive to improve one’s self. We at Ajmera Fashion believe no amount of capital is small, a small amount of 15 – 20 thousand rupees is enough to begin and here at Ajmera Fashion we will support you all the way.


What are the requirements to commence or venture into the saree business?


One must have a good understanding of the market they wish to sell to and a clear business plan in mind. Beginning the sarees business means that you buy goods from a saree wholesaler or manufacturer and sell them in retail.


To make a profit in saree business, you have to keep these things in mind-

● Pick up the lowest cost

● Take full care of product quality and design

● Sell goods to your customer with a reasonable margin to increase customer loyalty and repeat business


Where can we buy goods after taking care of these things?


There is no better place for this in India than Surat. It is the largest textile market in the country. Here you will find goods in every range, every quality and desired quantity. If you are beginning a new business or want to expand your saree business, then you are more than welcome to join our family at Ajmera Fashion.


Is it necessary to have a retail outlet for sarees or other ladies wear?


No, you can do this business from your home too. In association with Ajmera Fashion, many people started this work from home and later opened their shop. If you want, you can buy some goods and sell them in the markets or on the footpath or in the haats in the village. You can also have door to door marketing done in your desired market.

For example, Ganeshji of Supaul (Bihar) started his business from home by investingRs. 50,000 and in a few months with the right marketing, and sales, he successfully opened a showroom of his own.


Do we physically have to come to Surat to purchase the goods or can we get the goods sitting at home too?


As far as Ajmera Fashion is concerned, we can send catalogues and a rate listsviaWhatsApp to you no matter which part of the world you are in. Following which you can place your order after seeing it. However, coming to see the goods for yourself is your choice entirely as I understand that many people are weary and slightly afraid of buying online due to there being many fraudulent companies in Surat.


Will there be any difference in the rate with us buying it in Surat versus ordering on the phone?


No, rates are fixed, you can take goods by any means, the only additional cost will be the transport/courier charges.


Can we also have our own design?

Yes, for this you have to order a minimum of at least 500 pieces.


Can we add any value to sarees? Like - having a separate border?


Yes, and for this you only have to pay for the extra material, no other kind of charges will be added.


How much profit can we make in the saree business?


If you are selling sarees or other clothes in a good showroom, then the goods are sold at almost double the price. If you are working from home, then you can add on at least a 25% to 30% margin.

For example, you can easily sell a 100 rupees sari for 125-130 rupees thus a 25-30% profit per saree.


Will there be any colour bleed problem with the sarees?


We guarantee there will be no colourbleed issue with our products. Nor will any of the sarees shrink after any number of washes.


What is the price range for the sarees you have?


We have a wide range which starts from just Rs 45 and goes up to Rs 5000 per saree.


What can be found here in Ajmera Fashion?


Ajmera Fashion boasts a large variety comprising of Printed Regular Sarees, Printed Fancy Sarees, Designer Sarees, Cotton Sarees, Silk Sarees, Ethnic Regional Sarees, Fancy Kurtis, Simple Kurtis, Palazzos, Leggings, Fancy Lehengas, Wedding Lehengas, Bridal Wear, Gowns, Salwar Suits, Menswear, Kids Wear, Lingerie, Nightwear and the list goes on, with new additions nearly every day.


Anything else you would like to mention to our readers Mr. Ajmera?


Just keep a couple of things in mind with any business.


Never cry aboutyour circumstances… if you want to work, you have to do it and can do it. Nobody is going to stop you. You are your biggest enemy and your greatest friend as no one knows you better that you.


Never seek business advice from an unsuccessful man as all you will get from them is negativity, talk about business to a successful businessman as from them you will get inspiration.

Do not be afraid to start. When we drive, the light of the car tells us only 10 meters or 20 meters ahead, but people travel thousands of miles with the hope of the same light, if you believe in your work  you will definitely attain success in it.


Ajmera Fashion Address: -

D-5491, 3rd Floor, Lift No. 15,

Raghukul Textile Market, Nr.Kamela Darwaja,

Ring Road, Surat – 395002

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